What type of Managed Services do we offer ?

Bridged offers a comprehensive set of services covering all facets of IT Support. We can provide fully outsourced IT services or partner your internal team through the following

  • Service Desk – remote and on-site support
  • Network Operations – 24/7 monitoring
  • Advisory Services- Infrastructure, Applications , Project Management
  • Enhanced Managed Services – with a team of Industry trained Subject Matter experts for monitoring, management and dedicated expertise for Exchange, Lync/Skype for Business, Office365, SharePoint, Security and Cloud solutions

How do I get Started with Managed Services ?

Your Growing business needs efficient yet effective IT to support productivity and business applications. But instead of spending significant capital funds and man hours deploying and managing your own systems and network you would rather allocate your resources to what’s important to you – the growth of your business

Our customers often first consider managed services after some type of painful event occurs – unexpected outage, IT staff turnover, loss of business functionality , etc. The process starts with a discussion around IT business strategy requirements and pain points and the gaps that need to be filled. Bridged then develops a solution that meets the immediate requirements and provides a strategic plan for a transitioning support to our team. Our goal is to minimize risk and ensure service continuity to the users and business operations.

How do our Team’s work together ?

A key step in any outsourcing relationship is the understanding of roles and responsibilities and a framework for delivering support. Components of the framework include the definition of processes and procedures. With a defined structure in place, in depth training and communication , tool to manage the process, the Bridged ICT Services Team successfully co-manages many IT environment’s with its customers.

How can Managed Services assist in keeping up with business demands ?

Leveraging the whole of business experience of the Bridged team has proven to be an asset to our customers. We invest the time and expertise to ensure we have an in depth knowledge of your environment and understand your business goals. We work with you to ensure your short term and long term business needs are catered for.